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Mr Gunning  Handyman Service

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From the beautiful Victorians of New England to the micro-mansions of Marin County, California my 25+ years of experience, skill and resources helping homeowners are available to you.

Everything from floor to ceiling; I am an interior finish man, handyman, journeyman painter, decorator, color consultant, finish carpenter. I am a craftsman and take pride in my work while at the same time respecting my clients needs. Communication throughout the process; no surprises, working within your budget to complete your project immediately or in installments. Resourceful, methodical and innovative. Solution based not profit driven.

Handyman Services

I perform most of my own work and when I need  a helper they are closely monitored to ensure quality.

  • Painting, Drywall repair, Texture, Wallpaper
  • Flooring
  • Carpentry
  • Cabinetry, Countertops
  • Window & Door Repair
and general maintenance.

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  • Handyman

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Mr Gunning Handyman Service

Free "over the phone" estimates. $39.00 in person consultation and written quote including Trip Charge.
I utilize the latest technologies such as thermography and RF Radar imaging and combine it with my extensive experience to give my clients a clear non-destructive perspective of problems in thier home before they become worse. My approach takes most of the guess work out of the equation.


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